About us / How we got to NA BALKANY?

Our culinary journey began 11 years ago. Rafal Grabowski made the first step and opened a Balkan restaurant MAŁY BELGRAD to which this day is still very popular amongst regular guests. Even though it’s not a big restaurant, it’s well known for its big servings of always fresh and delicious Balkan traditional favourites: pljeskavica, cevapcici and shashliks.

A new challenge and the next stage of Rafal’s culinary journey was opening his second Balkan restaurant BAŁKAŃSKI KOCIOŁ. With a more varied menu and drawing on inspirations from European cuisine you can try meals that are served in top Balkan restaurants based on lamb, seafood and traditional cheeses.

And the journey continues… The next idea came along after almost a decade of lengthy and “foody” talks with Viola Stanislawska who, like Rafał is also passionate about good food. Many years ago, Viola worked in gastronomy in Australia and Japan and after living and working in Warsaw for 20 years decided to make a come-back to her culinary passion.

And that’s how Rafal’s third restaurant and Viola’s first restaurant was born.

Our idea was to create something unique and exciting (not just another traditional Balkan restaurant). Making the most of the richness of traditional Balkan cuisine we decided to give it a contemporary twist by introducing elements of modern and international cuisine. Our Chef uses innovative culinary techniques and together with a modern plating style creates a surprising and delicious taste experience. By introducing a modern take on well-known Balkan delicacies we are proud to serve you cuisine that is full of finesse and far from the traditional “heavy” Balkan experience. Apart from tantalizing your taste buds with our great food we also have a great selection of wines from the Balkans and from around the world and a delicious selection of Balkan rakijas and liqueurs.

Welcome to NA BAŁKANY and we wish you a great experience and delicious memories :)

Viola i Rafał

Traditional Balkan cuisine
with a contemporary twist

Keep up to date with what we’re doing

Welcome to… Na Bałkany!


NA BAŁKANY is an ideal location for whatever the occasion; a casual get together, a special occasion or group dining with family or for business. Our dining room caters for 48 people (table seating) or up to 100 people for a stand-up event. Our summer terrace caters for 40-80 guests.

We can serve your guests a la carte or prepare a set menu depending on your requirements.

We guarantee delicious food, a friendly atmosphere and professional service, of course!

Rakija Bar

The first rakija bar in Poland invites to:
- shots from different types of Balkan rakia
- classic drinks with rakia

Visit us!

Na Bałkany
ul. Koszykowa 47
(wejście od Koszykowej 53)
00-659 Warszawa

Opening hours:
Mon - Wed 12.00 to 22.00
Thu - Sat 12.00 to 24.00
Sun from 13.00 to 22.00

Write to us:

Reserve a table:
Call us on +48 22 118 38 38


We are changing for Your comfort

Zdjecie Gerard Depardie reklamujce jego alkohol

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